Flu can kill, so get the jab if you can: MP

The flu vaccine is now available.
The flu vaccine is now available.

Flu can kill and if you’re eligible for a vaccine you should get the jab, says Foyle MP Mark Durkan.

Around 28 per cent of people with a serious medical condition, 27 per cent of people over the age of 65, 46 per cent of preschool children, 77 per cent of healthcare workers and 44 per cent of pregnant women did not have a flu vaccine last year in Northern Ireland, despite the fact that the consequences of not having a flu vaccine for these groups of people can be very serious.

Mr Durkan said: “Flu can lead to serious complications or even death and I would therefore urge everyone who is eligible for a free flu vaccine on the NHS to go and get vaccinated.”

The Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety recommends free flu vaccinations in Northern Ireland for those aged 65 or over; and for people with certain chronic conditions such as chronic respiratory, heart, liver, neurological and kidney disease; diabetes; weakened immune systems; splenic dysfunction; as well as people living in long-stay facilities such as nursing and residential homes; carers of elderly or disabled people; pregnant women; and all pre-school children (aged 2 and above).