Firebombing condemned at meeting

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The firebomb attack on the Everglades Hotel was raised at the first meeting of the new Derry and Strabane Council at the Guildhall on Wednesday (June 11).

During the meeting - prior to his nomination as Vice Chair of the new body, DUP councillor Maurice Devenney, moved to temporarily suspend standing orders in order to “further condemn the recent firebomb attack on the Everglades Hotel.”

He said: “I want to reiterate that, we as a Council, condemn the attacks on the Everglades Hotel.” He added that he wished to “remind those who carried out the attack that it was an attack on everyone.”

UUP councillor Mary Hamilton said: “I totally condemn the bombing of the Everglades. As someone who has lived through the Troubles. I know what it’s like.”

Speaking to the Sentinel outside Mr Devenney said: “I have to say that I raised the issue at our own AGM here in Londonderry, about condemnation of the attack in the Everglades and all of that there but, you know, we are in a new dispensation here.

“We have a lot of new councillors from Strabane here, we have a lot of new councillors elected at the last elections and it’s good to see that the majority of people were able to speak out and condemn the attack on the Everglades and, you know, pledge their support for the PSNI, and it’s vitally important that we send that message out and as I said in there, earlier on tonight, an attack on the Everglades is an attack on everyone and on the citizens here, of Londonderry.”