Ferris Bueller’s Day Off: In Bridgend!

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One’s famous for its fries and home made scones, the others for giving the world Ferris Bueller and Carrie Bradshaw.

Celebrity couple Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick popped into Doherty’s Café for a fry with their kids last week whilst making their way home from Kilcar.

The Sex and the City and Ferris Bueller stars regularly holiday in Donegal.

Parker recently said: “We would be delighted to decamp to Ireland. Move the children, put them in school there, have tea every day, a proper fry.

“It’s just an exquisite, beautiful, relaxing, wonderful place for ourselves and for our children.”

Broderick, whose people are from South Donegal, has also spoken of his love for the North West.

“I like tea, wandering around, eating, being with our friends. We have friends there too that I’ve known since I was growing up.

“The kids seem to love it. They keep asking when can we go back.

“They can run around and don’t have to be watched so much.”