FDRC Players perform a Comedy of Sketches

The FDRC Players returned to The Playhouse for a fourth year with a very witty and highly relevant series of comic sketches on Friday (July 4).

The Players, comprised of people with physical and sensory disabilities and people with acquired brain injuries, came together as Foyle Disability Resource Centre users and through a love of drama have formed their own theatre company.

This is the only such acting company in Ireland and United Kingdom.

Through training in professional acting and stage craft and with support from Western Health and Social Care Trust, The Playhouse the North West Regional College and Foyle Disability Resource Centre staff, the Players are aspiring to ever greater performances and with their utmost dedication and love for performing, they are destined to achieve this.

Friday’s performance was comprised of comedy sketches penned by esteemed local playwright, Mr Eddie Kerr, which reflect with wry humour and belly laughs on everyday situations and relationships.

“With a sterling cast and great production team, the FDRC Players are already established as a Theatre Company prepared to take chances with their entertaining productions and with a shining future before them” Cathal McElhatton of Foyle Disability Resource Centre said.

“We’re delighted this wonderful collaborative project has created such a positive impact in just one year” Siuan O Doherty, head of education at The Playhouse said.

“Many of the participants have expressed the importance of having access to a professional working theatre and how this has developed both their performance skills and their confidence. The Playhouse is honoured to be a part of this programme and greatly value the partnership with FDRC.”

The Foyle Disability Resource Centre (FDRC) Players comic sketches were performed on Friday (July 4). For more information contact The Playhouse on (028)71268027 or visit www.derryplayhouse.co.uk.