FCO paper says customs checks will return in Londonderry after Brexit

A newly-published paper has suggested Brexit would have a significant impact on Londonderry with implications for cross-border movement and trade and has warned customs checks at Bridgend, Killea and Muff will return if the United Kingdom votes to leave.

The Foreign Office paper, which sets out the process that would follow a vote to leave the European Union, was recenlty presented to Parliament by the Foreign Minister Philip Hammond.

It warns: “Northern Ireland would be confronted with difficult issues about the relationship with Ireland.

“Outside the EU’s Customs Union, it would be necessary to impose customs checks on the movement of goods across the border. Questions would also need to be answered about the Common Travel Area which covers the movement of people.

“This could have an impact on cross-border co-operation and trade. The withdrawal of structural funds, which have helped address economic challenges, would also have an impact.”

It goes on to add: “The terms of exit would be significant for the people of Northern Ireland, and citizens of Ireland who live in, visit or work in the UK.

“There could be implications for the border and for cross-border trade and co-operation, which has helped strengthen relations between Northern Ireland and Ireland in recent years.”