Faughan independent vows to fight for play provision


Independent candidate in the upcoming Council elections Paul Hughes has vowed to make ‘Play Provision’ a priority.

He said: “If elected on May 22 I vow to put rural concerns on the political agenda. I am appealing to people’s intelligence here.

“I have a proven track record in campaigning for equal treatment for rural communities along the Faughan Valley and now wish to progress this to a higher level, on your behalf to ensure that rural communities are not again forgotten or neglected.

“The reason I chose to stand in this election is to give a positive alternative to tribal party political voting; to stop waste crime and draw attention to poor waste management and illegal dumping across the rural which other established politicians choose to ignore.

“Community development in rural areas is essential. If elected to Council, I will advocate a ‘rights based approach’ for rural communities and ensure that areas such as Strathfoyle and Prehen get a play park and the children of the rural will exercise their right to play.”

He said the ‘Strathfoyle Greenway Extension,’ which was recently turned down for fundign from the Social Investment Fund (SIF), would have combatted rural isolation and social exclusion in the area.

“I stand for the possibility of making everybody’s voice matter and making honest connections,” he said. “I want to see an end to politically biased funding decisions and more accountability in the new Derry and Strabane Council.

“One thing is clear from talking to people on the doors over the past number of weeks and that is that people are fed up with false promises and want to see real and positive change for Derry/Londonderry. People deserve better!” he added.