Father says someone will be killed unless traffic calming is introduced

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The father of a Londonderry Primary School pupil says a child will be killed or seriously injured if traffic calming measures are not implemented on a local back road, which, he says, is being treated as if it’s part of the Donegal rally circuit.

Kieran Doran said the situation outside Groarty Integrated Primary School is intolerable.

He says that people have been clipped by passing traffic whilst taking their children to the school.

“My daughter attends Groarty Integrated Primary School. It’s a small school located on the Coshquin Road and it’s 151 years old this year,” he explained.

“We, the parents, have asked for temporary calming measures during drop off and pick up time, a lay-by, ramps, a lollipop person or a car park.

“All political parties seem to handle this issue like a hot potato.

“They blame DRD and DRD advises you to raise it with the political parties.

“People use the road as a rat run to avoid traffic at the Complex [Templemore Sports Complex] roundabout and there have been people clipped, cars damaged and near accidents, with parents walking their children to school.”

Mr Doran says the Groarty Road is so narrow barely two cars can pass, yet some motorists speed past at 60 miles per hour or give abuse through road rage to parents in front of their kids.

Mr Doran said: “I have pleaded with politicians, Sustrans and the DRD, yet no action has been taken.”

The concerned father concluded: “I’m asking you to share this to highlight this issue before a child is killed or seriously injured.”

“The back road has been treated as a Donegal rally circuit and is also having a knock-on effect at the Whitehouse junction and Coshquin.”