Expand Magee at Ebrington

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The Ulster University’s entire Computer and Engineering Faculty, currently spread across three campuses, should be centralised at a new Magee satellite at Ebrington.

University campaigner Eamonn McCann says it’s now opportune - a month ahead of Magee’s 150th anniversary - to expand university provision in Londonderry as a misfiring property gamble by the Ulster University in North Belfast has cast doubt on the viability of its expansion plans there.

Funding and planning pressures are restricting the University’s ability to expand out of York Street, says Mr McCann.

As an alternative he suggests “one of the six Jordanstown faculties could move to the Ebrington site in Derry where there would be more than enough space and where a real and lasting legacy of the City of Culture could be housed.”

He adds: “The 3,000 students in the university’s Faculty of Computing and Engineering are currently spread across three campuses. Several hundred are already at Magee. Bringing the faculty as a whole to Derry would bring well over 2,000 additional students to the city and more than 100 well paid jobs.”