Executive to meet in Londonderry

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The First and Deputy First Minister have confirmed that Executive meetings will be held in Londonderry and Fermanagh over the coming weeks.

The Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness said: “This initiative stems from a conversation Arlene and I had around the need to redress the concern that the Executive is perceived as too Belfast-centric.

“Of course it is a symbolic move but we are also very focused on actions to redress regional disparities. That is why the monies for the A5 and A6 have been agreed in the budget. That is why Michelle O’Neill is moving her entire department from Belfast to Co. Derry.

“There is obviously potential for much more to be done and I am very focused around Magee University for example. However, I am encouraged by the positive discussions I have had with Arlene and I think initiatives such as this demonstrate our shared view that the executive belongs to the people of Brookeborough and the Bogside as much as it does the people of Belfast.”