Exam-stressed Magee students ‘paws’ to enjoy puppy petting

Dolly meets some of the students at Ulster University.
Dolly meets some of the students at Ulster University.

A number of stressed Magee students ‘pawsed’ from their exams recently to enjoy some relaxing puppy petting thanks to a dog rescue charity.

Ulster University Students Union in Magee have been working in partnership with the CCDR educating students on what pets can do to lift the spirit and relieve stress.

The charity said that being with a dog is so much more than just company, it can genuinely help develop one’s health and wellbeing.

As the students left their exam rooms, many of them headed straight into the CCDR Stress Free Puppy Petting Room.

Chair of CCDR, Margaret Dimsdale-Bobby said: “The laughter, the relief and the overwhelming joy the dogs bring to the students is evident by the smiles on their faces and the number of ‘selfies’ taken.

“I established the charity to rescue and rehome unwanted dogs, and after all these years we are still inundated with calls on a daily basis.

“The volunteers are extremely hard working ensuring every element of the charity moves forward with answering calls, social media, updating the website, running the charity shop and of course first and foremost, looking after unwanted dogs and sourcing suitable homes.

“Another major part of the charity is raising awareness to others on how to keep a dog and raising awareness on how your health and well-being can improve when a pet is brought into your home.

“I firmly believe that the joy a dog can bring to a family or an individual is significant, as the smiles on these students faces today says it all.

“It is also very rewarding for the volunteers, while not forgetting all the cuddles and hugs the dogs enjoy in the process.

“We wish the students well on their exam results and as they go forward from university.”

Ben Johnston, Vice President of Academic and Student Affairs for Magee campus said, “This is the second time we have teamed up with this amazing charity to combat the effects of exam stress with students.

“Both times the volunteers from the charity have been amazing help and a real credit to the charity.

“The effect of the puppy room on students has been extremely positive with students labelling it as the ‘best day ever’ at times.

“I would have absolutely no issues with teaming up with Causeway Coast Dog Rescue in the very near future to put on more events like this.”

Students kindly made donations following their uplifting experience, raising £288.07, which greatly appreciated by the charity. Check out www.causewaycoastdogrescue.org @CCDogRescue