Equality needed at schools

Safety signs
Safety signs

DUP Alderman Maurice Devenney has called for equality when it comes to road safety signage for schoolchildren in Newbuildings.

“The board of governors and headmaster of the school and myself, as a member of the Board, have been in contact with Roads Service regarding these road safety signs for the schools in Newbuildings. The signs at the other primary school, in the village, St Columbas, have been inplace for a considerable time.

“Due to safety issues at Newbuildings Primary School, it is high time that signs were erected there too.

“The school is next to Duncastle Road, which is a very busy road, and there have always been concerns from the crossing patrol officials and from parents, about the safety of their children.

“The safety of these children crossing a busy road should be paramount and I am calling on Roads Service to find the necesssry funding in their budget to erect this signage as soon as possible.

“As a Governor of the school it is wonderful tosee the continued increase in pupil numbers at Newbuildings Primary School, but it is also part of my remit as a Governor to flag up issues of health and safety.

“Parents have been raising their concerns with me as to why there is signage at one school and none at the other. This disparity needs addressed urgently,” he said.