Ratepayers pick up bill to dispose of dumped carcase

carcase at Curryfree Road
carcase at Curryfree Road

Rural DUP Alderman Maurice Devenney has condemned those behind the dumping of a calf carcase on the roadside at Curryfree Road, a few hundred yards from Curryfree Cricket Club.

“The carcase is believed to have been dumped in the early part of last week,” said Alderman Devenney.

“This latest incident was reported to me by a member of the public, who complained about the risk to health of people and other animals who might happen upon it.

“They also complained to me that the dumping of animal carcasses is an ongoing issue in the area,” he said.

Calling for action Mr Devenney said: “Given the number of cases of this kind of dumping in such a picturesque area I would now call for anyone with information on this or any other instance of animal carcase dumping to pass on what they know to the environmental health team at Strabane District and Derry City Council.

“It is vitally important that this blatant disregard for the environment and for health is stopped, not least because of the cost involved in dealing with carcasses runs into hundreds and hundreds of pounds for each instance.

“Once again, we find that the ratepayer is being left to pick up the bill for the lifting and disposal of this animal. Each case of illegal dumping, be it household or commercial waste, or an animal body, has to be done in line with health and safety legislation.

“There is a cost to the farmer or whoever owns an animal to have it disposed of if it dies. There is a much greater cost now to have to animal lifted and disposed of as a specialist company will have to be brought in to lift the carcase. It will then have to be taken to Foyle Meats, where a further cost will be incurred for the correct disposal of the calf carcase.

“It is unacceptable that a carcase was left in a scenic area where people, or those out walking their dogs, can happen upon it and I would urge all those with livestock or other animals not to dispose of animal carcasses without care,” he said.