Heavy rain predicted for New Year’s Eve

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NEW Year’s Eve will be buffeted by wind and awash with rain according to UK Met Office predictions.

Those planning to attend the New Year’s Eve festivities in the City are urged to wrap up well to fend off the biting cold and wet weather that is expected to last all day and evening.

A marked turn in the weather was noted yesterday, Thursday, as high wind and persistent rain moved in from a South West direction and the bad new is that the unsettled, blustery weather is set to continue right through into next week, but, thankfully, there is no sign of snow.

Today, Friday, will be mostly cloudy, and while it is feeling milder make sure you take a brolly or raincoat with you as there are outbreaks of rain forecast and unfortunately they will be most persistent in the west. That said, there are some drier interludes predicted and even some brightness, however there will be strong southerly winds with coastal gales of around 50mph and although the maximum temperature is predicted to be 12 °C the strong wind will make it feel a lot cooler. The rain will ease off tonight.

After a dry night Saturday will begin dry and bright. The light early morning rain will clear to leave a dry but overcast afternoon and evening, and the wind that has been a fixture of the past 24 to 48 hours will ease. The maximum temperature will be 10 °C falling to 5 °C but the wind chill factor will make the low feel close to freezing.

After a dry but windy morning, Sunday will see intermittent rain give way to moderate to heavy squalls, but the associated wind will die off by late afternoon. The maximum temperature will be 5 °C to 8 °C, but again, the wind will make it feel a chilly 0 °C to 5 °C.

Monday morning may have a few bright spells, but blustery showers will move in and although precipitation may ease for a while, the afternoon and evening will see persistent rainfall. The gusting wind will gradually ease. The actual temperature is forecast to range between 9 °C and 5 °C on New Year’s Eve, but the wind will make it feel more like 2 °C falling to 0 °C by evening.

New Year’s Day is predicted to be a much quieter affair with the previous day’s rain easing overnight. A dry but cloudy day, there will be a hint of sunshine by midday. There will be light wind with no strong gusts.

Wednesday, however, will see a return of the heavy rain as the weather front moves round again. The heavy rain will make visibility drop to ‘moderate’ and the maximum win speed will be 23mph. Factoring in the windchill it will feel like the temperature range is 5 °C to 10 °C.

Thursday will be a cloudy day with a lost less rain. Visibility will be good and the maximum temperature will be 12 °C. Friday and Saturday of next week will be similar days, with wind speeds of 17 to 18mph and maximum temperatures during the day of around 12 °C falling at night to 5 °C to 8 °C.

The rain is back with us next Sunday, but thankfully, without the wind. There will be some sunny spells to break up the monotonous grey skies.