Hare-ing around in Creevedonnell

The arrival over a fortnight ago of a leveret in the garden has caused much excitement in the Cathers-Bradshaw household.

Known for being fleet of foot, Irish hares are quite shy and certainly have been thin on the ground about the farm for several years. So when Ronnie and I discovered this baby hare about the yard we were delighted and have been trying to get decent video footage of him with our mobile phone cameras ever since.

Denise Dunlop.

Denise Dunlop.

On Saturday night while we were in the sun room the wee fella came right over to the concrete steps and had a good peer in the doors. We froze like statues so as not to disturb him, but for all our efforts we have not had that much success getting him on film, as he is quite skittish. One thing we have discovered is that he seems to love playing in the rain and the recent torrents of rainfall have had him zipping around the garden just like the ‘mad March hare’ he is supposed to be; except it is not March, it is June and it hasn’t been much of a summer.

In a bid to entice him to sit still for long enough to get quality video I have had to sacrifice my window lettuce, which is now sitting on the step by the French doors, tantalisingly within reach of our new furry friend... and, hopefully our cameras.

Apologies for the poor video, but if you are a wildlife lover, as Ronnie and I both are, this should bring a wee smile to your face.

We have - well it was me actually - named him ‘Harry the hare’, but if there is an expert out there who can tell me whether this is a male or female leveret please email me.

In the meantime, Ronnie and I shall continue to try and capture better footage of our furry, long-legged ‘critter’.