DUP concern at rat infestation

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DUP Alderman Maurice Devenney has called for immediate action to tackle a rat infestation at Strathfoyle.

The problem has arisen at the former BrickKlin site, which is now derelict and the future of which is now in the hands of administrators.

“I was alerted through our office by a number of resident who live close to this site,” said Mr Devenney.

“We visited the site and there is clear evidence of waster material on site. There is evidence of black bale waste, which has been lying there for some time, which is providing ideal housing and nest material for rats.

“Residents have been complaining about flies and the odour coming from the site. So it is obvious some of the materials stored there are breaking down, and it is obvious there is rat waste and urine, which is highly dangerous.

“The biggest issue is who takes charge. As I understand it, the Council owns the waste, or at least it has come from Council collection points, however the new administrator is responsible for the site,” he said.

!It is my opinion that Council officers, the administrators and the NIEA should sit down and discuss this issue as a priority and have this site cleared as soon as possible.

“Our Foyle MLA Gary Middleton, who visited the site with me, is going to raise this issue at the Environment committee at Stormont this week.

“However, residents have raised the pertinent issue that they are concerned about the proximity of this site to homes as well as to the Foyle Meats abattoir which produces meat products for the human food chain.

“The close proximity of the derelict site to the abattoir is an ideal setting for a possible explosion of vermin and action needs to be taken to prevent this,” he said.