Drumlins worse-affected by dead animals than Londonderry and Strabane

LONDONDERRY, Strabane and Omagh have been affected by the illegal dumping of animal carcasses to a much less extent than council areas in the Drumlins, according to Environment Minsiter Alex Attwood.

The Sentinel recently pointed out how ratepayers have forked out £2,199 collecting and disposing of dead cattle, sheep and horses in Londonderry over the past three years.

In Strabane the bill was £404.50. The total cost in Limavady was unknown

Mr Attwood said the problem was worse in the Drumlin counties.

He stated: “Figures obtained from District Councils do indicate that Councils with a southern border into the Republic of Ireland, i.e. Armagh, Fermanagh, and Newry and Mourne, have had a considerably higher number of animal carcasses dumped than other areas - 156, 147 and 158 respectively - over the past three years.”

But those counties bordering Donegal aren’t as bad.

“The Councils with a Donegal-facing border, Derry City, Omagh and Strabane, have been affected to a much lesser extent,” he stated.