Alderman calls for action on fly-tipping in Curryfree

A discarded fridge and building material dumped at Forge Road, in Curryfree, near Ardmore.
A discarded fridge and building material dumped at Forge Road, in Curryfree, near Ardmore.

Alderman Maurice Devenney will meet with council officials this week in a bid to tackle indiscriminate fly-tipping, which is blighting Curryfree on the outskirts of the city.

Mr Devenney said he hoped those responsible will be brought to book, as industrial building materials as well as domestic waste were found.

Rubbish on  Bigwood Road, near Ardmore.

Rubbish on Bigwood Road, near Ardmore.

“A number of people have raised concerns with me about the Bigwood Road area, where there is a prolific problem with fly-tipping,” he said.

“I have visited three sites in that general area where there has been an ongoing problem with fly tipping.

“Bigwood Road and the Curryfree area are idyllic countryside. It is a very picturesque area of the district and a lot of people go there to walk, exercise dogs and enjoy the lovely views across the Foyle and into Donegal. It is embarrassing to me as an elected representative to see the amount of fly-tipping that is going on in this location and the impact it is having on the visual amenity of the area.

“We live in a time when we have blue bins, black bins and even brown bins, and the council also offers a free service through which large items like fridges and freezers can be collected without charge.

“When you look at just how many recycling centres we have in this city, it is difficult to understand why people do not make proper use of the facilities, which are free of charge.

“I have a meeting with council officers arranged for this week and will be seeking to work with them to have this unsightly rubbish lifted and suitable disposed of, which will also help the environment.

“When you consider how much this costs the taxpayer, and the stringent times in which we live, it is difficult to comprehend why people insist on fly tipping.

“Hopefully, the council will be able to identify those responsible and I will be seeking assurances from the enforcement officer that where possible, those identified as responsible will have proceedings issued against them and will be fined,” he said.