Elliott: UUP will vote for airstrikes on Raqqa

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The Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) MP Tom Elliott says the party intends voting in favour of a motion that will come before Parliament later today on ISIL in Syria.

He stated: “The UUP has indicated for some time that if the conditions set out by the Prime Minister on military intervention in Syria were reasonable that our MPs would support the action.

“We have now seen the motion and believe that it is a framework in line with the United Nations Charter and United Nations Security Council Resolution 2249.

“We have also set out clearly our criteria to the Prime Minister, that would ensure there are overall short-term and long-term workable strategies in relation to a positive resolution to the Syrian problem and no introduction of wide-scale ground troops.

“While we will monitor today’s debate and assess what is said by the Prime Minister and other Government representatives, it is the intention that the Ulster Unionist Party Members of Parliament will be voting in favour of the motion. The Party believes it meets the criteria we had outlined as necessary to support military action.

“We think from the wording of the motion it is clear that the UK Government has learned the lessons of past wars, particularly the legacy that will be left for the people of Syria.”