Electric price cut sparks current of approval

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Electric Ireland says it’s reducing its electricity prices for Northern Ireland residential customers by 10 per cent from March 21, sparking a current of approval from consumer lobbyists.

The reduction in its unit rate to 13.99p will result in an additional average annual saving of £59.

Northern Ireland Sales Manager Tim Jenks said: “We are delighted to bring even more value to our customers in Northern Ireland with this 10% price reduction.

“Thousands of households have already taken advantage of the unique offer we have brought to the market and we are confident that with this price decrease, our customer base will continue to increase rapidly.

“We are committed to making sure that our customers in Northern Ireland always get our most competitive prices. Electric Ireland’s philosophy is to offer customers long term value and does not aim to win customers with the appearance of up front discounts that are unclear.

“Instead we are providing enduring competitive rates and very clear cash bonus rewards for customers who switch to us.

“Furthermore, any customer who pays by direct debit can avail of this great pricing without entering into a contract.”

Richard Williams, The Consumer Council’s Head of Energy said: “It is great news for consumers that now four electricity suppliers out of the six domestic suppliers have announced price reductions. With various new tariffs set to come in at the end of March and start of April now is a good time for consumers to shop around and consider whether by switching supplier or payment method they could save themselves money. The Consumer Council has tools to help. Our online price comparison tool will be updated to reflect the new tariffs and we also have a simple, step by step guide to switching energy suppliers.

“Both are available at www.consumercouncil.org.uk, by contacting us on 0800 121 6022 or via facebook or twitter.”