Elderly residents ‘disoriented’ as suspicious objects discovered at Caw Camp

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DUP MLA Gary Middleton says elderly residents were left disoriented after being evacuated following a bomb alert in the Waterside on Monday.

“I’ve just come from leaving two residents, who are in their eighties, to the Foyle Arena. Both had Alzheimer’s, their routine has been badly upset by the alert,” said the local DUP Alderman.

According to the PSNI suspicious devices were found close to the perimeter fence of the Army Reserve Centre close to housing and the busy Limavady Road.

“Houses in Rockport Park and Caw Park are being evacuated,” a PSNI spokesperson confirmed.

Mr Middleton said it’s too early to say whether the alert is a hoax or not but that the authorities are taking it seriously.

“They are obviously treating it seriously, hopefully nothing will come of it, but regardless, it’s distressing for the people being moved from their homes,” said Mr Middleton.

The base is the site of the Real IRA murder of David Caldwell.

Mr Caldwell died as a result of a Real IRA bomb packed into a lunch box at the Territorial Army base on August 1, 2002.

He had been carrying out refurbishments at the time.