Eglinton attack condemned by DUP Alderman

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Londonderry DUP Alderman Gary Middleton has expressed dismay following a sectarian attack on Eglinton Orange Hall over the weekend.

A Union Flag was stolen from the hall on Coolafinny Road in the village and replaced with a 32 County Sovereignty Committee flag on Sunday evening (July 13).

Damage was also caused to a piece of spouting on the building before a local resident chased the youths and raised the alarm.

Mr Middleton said: “I was dismayed to learn of an attack on Eglinton Orange Hall on Sunday night. I understand the damage was limited to the breaking of a piece of spouting and the theft of a Union Flag, which was replaced with a 32 County Sovereignty Committee flag,”

He said that but for the intervention of the local resident more damage would have ensued.

“I was heartened to learn that a resident chased these youths and I want to commend him and the police for their prompt response to the alert.

“I understand the flag and spouting have been taken away for examination and police have also been given details of a car involved.”

Mr Middleton said he would encourage anyone with information about the incident to contact the local police.