Queen’s Award for GB members

The north west recipients of Queen's Awards and officers. Photo: Ian McIlroy
The north west recipients of Queen's Awards and officers. Photo: Ian McIlroy

Girls Brigade members from the north west were among those to receive their awards at a special ceremony in Belfast on Friday.

The presentation to GB members from Leckpatrick, Glendermott, Limavady and Drumachose Brigades, took place at the annual Queen’s Award Presentation Ceremony in First Ahoghill Presbyterian Church, Ballymena.

The north west recipeints were amon 53 girls to receive their Award, which was presented by GBNI Patron Lynda Bryans.

The recipients, pictured right, were Amy Russell and Leah Shaw, of 125th NI Leckpatrick Presbyterian; Rebekah Glenn, Nicole McIntyre and Rebecca Watson, of 215th NI Glendermott Presbyterian; Toni Cassidy, Alberta Kelly, Shannon McGregor and Amanda McMichael, of 248th NI Second Limavady and Rebecca Heaney 259th NI Drumachose Presbyterian;

Over a period of two years working for the Award, the girls were required to undertake six elements: community service over a period of six months; GB company service; submission of an in depth project assignment to a high standard; completion of two initiative tests; pass a two hour written study paper and final interview; whilst also playing an active part in life of their church.

The Queen’s Award is the highest award attainable in Girls’ Brigade, run to agreed international standards all over the world. Nursing homes, charity shops, home and overseas mission teams and youth organisations in NI are just some of the organisations which benefited from the voluntary work undertaken by all the girls. Projects completed included creative work involving cross stitching, crocheting, painting, quilting, knitting or photography on topics like the Royal Family, farming and sport.