Pupils’ funds for palsy kids

LONDONDERRY principal Patrick Allen and former teacher Zara Colhoun have praised Foyle and Londonderry College students for raising money for children with cerebral palsy attending a specially tailored school.

Thee money has gone to the Buddy Bear Trust has been helping children from Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland receive life changing Conductive Education for 25 years.

They raised £340 for the school which uses the teaching principles of the famous International Peto Institute in Budapest to educate children severely disabled by cerebral palsy.

Mr Allen, Principal agreed to make arrangements for a video to be shown at School Assembly to help promote and support the work of the Trust and the children with cerebral palsy.

Mayor Kevin Campbell said: “I hope other schools and colleges and firms and clubs will give their support to the children suffering from cerebral palsy and help the Buddy Bear Trust raise funds to secure the services of another specialist Conductor to help children at home.”