Outstanding Quality Improvement Inspection at NWRC

North West Regional College has received an extremely positive report from the Education and Training Inspectorate (ETI) following a recent scrutiny inspection which assessed the effectiveness of the self-evaluation and quality improvement processes within the College.

Commissioned by the Department for Employment and Learning (DEL), the inspection highlighted a number of key College strengths which included the outstanding collation and use of College data, by staff at all levels, to benchmark performance and underpin self-evaluation and quality improvement planning processes.

The ETI inspectors also reported an effective use of planning processes to promote continuous improvement and support underperforming programmes, together with clear evidence of coherence across the College of these requirements, and the effective use of well-resourced internal projects to support actions for improvement and achievement of College’s strategic aims.

Other positive elements contained in the report reflected an increased effectiveness of Curriculum Managers in the self-evaluation and quality improvement processes, effective inclusion of key cross-college functional areas, as well as clear evidence of regular feedback from College students and other stakeholders to inform the self-evaluation processes.

Commenting on the report, a spokesperson for the College added:

“We believe the findings in this ETI inspection serve to underpin the ethos of planning, self-evaluation and continuous improvement which is promoted at all levels across our College. The report also highlights that the self-evaluation processes we have in place will enable us meet our strategic aims, as well as identifying new areas for future development as we strive to provide to a first-rate experience for all College learners in the future.”

The report concluded that the Inspection team reported a high degree of confidence in the North West Regional College self-evaluation and quality improvement planning processes to enhance and inform further improvement in its course provision.