16 toddlers did not get nursery places

SIXTEEN nursey age pupils in Londonderry did not receive a place this year, the Education Minister has revealed.

Londonderry MLA Mark H. Durkan asked John O’Dowd how many children have not received a nursery school place for the 2012/13 academic year.

Mr O’Dowd replied: “The pre-school admissions process for the 2012/13 academic year comprised two stages, with the first stage limited to applications from target age children in their immediate pre-school year.

“Within the Derry City Council area there were 111 target age children unplaced at the end of the first stage of the process. Applicants were invited to submit further preferences at Stage 2 of the process, and 57 chose to do so, all of whom were placed at the conclusion of the process.

“In the period that has elapsed since the process concluded Western Education and Library Board records indicate that 16 target age children remain unplaced.

“These are children of parents who either did not engage fully with both stages of the process or whose applications were submitted after the

deadlines which apply to the process.”