Durkan working to save bees and the human race

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Londonderry MP Mark Durkan is helping delay the extinction of the human race by supporting a ban on bee-killing pesticides at Westminster.

He has welcomed a decision by the Government to reject ‘emergency’ application for farmers to use banned neonicotinoid pesticides on oil seed rape crops this autumn.

Thousands of people from Northern Ireland have signed an e-petition calling on the Environment Minister Liz Truss to keep the ban.

Mr Durkan said: “Our bees are in danger and strong evidence points to particular pesticides - called neonicotinoids - being to blame for killing them. They’re currently banned across Europe - but powerful lobbyists in the UK have been putting together plans to get the ban on bee-harming pesticides lifted.

“I therefore welcome this ruling by government Ministers against neonicotinoids.

“The message is loud and clear from people in Derry and throughout the North: keep the ban on bee-harming pesticides. I have listened to their concerns and will continue to make my opposition very clear in Parliament to any plan to lift the ban.”

Albert Einstein famously predicted that if honey bees disappear humans will be finished within four years.