Durkan pays tribute to late fraternal colleague Tony Benn

Tony Benn pictures ourside Crumlin Court
Tony Benn pictures ourside Crumlin Court

Londonderry MP Mark Durkan has expressed sadness at the death of Tony Benn.

“Tony Benn was passionate in his politics, compassionate in his outlook and compelling in debate.

“For him politics was a battle of ideas, not a contest of image,” said Mr Durkan.

The SDLP MP said Mr Benn was always ready to argue issues on the basis of the interests at play and the rights at stake.

“Articulate in his own ideology, he also appreciated when others argued in terms of clear ideas – even when he disagreed with them.

“Tony Benn was a great parliamentarian, wonderful platform orator, and both personable and impressive in private conversation,” he said.