Durkan: Bishop Daly was a ‘deeply caring man’ who stood strong against ‘violence, division and despair’

Bishop Edward Daly.
Bishop Edward Daly.

SDLP Foyle MP Mark Durkan has expressed his deep sadness at the death of former Bishop of Derry Edward Daly – describing him as a ‘deeply caring man’ who stood strong against ‘violence, division and despair’.

Mr Durkan said: “Bishop Daly was a wonderful communicator with a care for language, a warmth for ideas, but most of all a love of people.

“He was a deeply caring man who went to great personal lengths to help people in quiet, discreet but important ways.

“He was also a man of sound counsel, with a fair ear, wise tongue, big heart and deep spirit.

“Those qualities served to make him a compelling preacher who reflected a breadth and depth of understanding of diverse human experience as well as his deeply rooted faith and love of scripture.

“After his retirement as Bishop of Derry he provided a powerful and special ministry in Foyle Hospice where his pastoral care was so deeply appreciated by people of all faiths and none.

“Many of us have also missed the weekly mass he celebrated at the hospice which his own illness forced him to give up.

“Through turbulent, turgid times he provided signal witness against violence, division and despair.

“We have all been blessed by his pastoral leadership which offered consolation, counsel, challenge and conciliation as they were needed.

“Through the worst of hurt he also offered national and international witness in respect of healing and the purpose of reconciliation.”