DUP Councillor claims McCauley detectives arrested ‘suspects’ who were overseas

David Ramsey. INLS0914-123KM
David Ramsey. INLS0914-123KM

A Londonderry Councillor has made an extraordinary intervention following the arrest of a number of people by detectives investigating the murder of Paul McCauley by claiming some of those questioned weren’t in the country at the time of the vicious sectarian assault that cost the young civil servant his life.

Waterside DUP Councillor David Ramsey said: “The DUP welcome the PSNI investigation into Paul McCauley’s murder but would hope that this investigation is focused on those who were actually in the country when the attack took place.

“People are very worried that this investigation is giving false hopes to the family and having some people stigmatised who were not even in the country at the time.

“We are concerned after families of alleged suspects have expressed deep anger and worry about some of the arrests pertaining to this investigation. “These families sympathise with the McCauley family after this terrible tragedy for the family and community.”

One person - Piper John McClements, formerly known as Daryl Proctor, has been charged with the murder after having previously served time for his involvement in the attack.

Several fresh arrests have been made this week.