Drunken cyclist flying tricolour stopped by police on Twelfth

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A drunken cyclist with a tricolour was stopped by police as he cycled towards the city centre where local Orangemen were parading during the Twelfth of July celebrations in Londonderry on Tuesday morning, July 12.

Police in Londonderry confirmed that the man, who was flying a tricolour from the back of his bicycle, was stopped and taken home.

It will be now up to the Public Prosecution Service (PPS) whether or not any charges should arise as a result of a suspected traffic offence, namely riding a cycle, whilst unfit to ride through drink.

“An intoxicated male on a bike was stopped by police on Strand Road at around 9am on July 12. He was transported home by police and a report will be submitted to the PPS regarding the traffic offence,” the PSNI stated.

The man was stopped on the Strand Road near Sainsbury’s.