Drive to create Urban Arts and Sports Hub in the city

Rosy relaunch
Rosy relaunch

Work is being finalised for an Urban Arts and Sports Hub in Londonderry.

Spearheaded by the Rosy Skate Park team, the existing unit in Pennyburn industrial estate is currently undergoing a makeover to create a welcoming and creative space for a wide range of activities.

The space will relaunch on Sunday, June 28, at 2pm and will be open to families, individuals and groups to attend and see what Rosy’s has to offer.

Urban sports are a noted way to keep fit and healthy and at Rosy skate park there are a range of ramps and rails to suit beginners and professionals to the skate scene.

According to the organisers, scooters are a great way to get started and build confidence in a skate park environment and great fun for birthday parties and youth groups; and on Saturday skate, scooter and BMX taster sessions and lessons are led by experienced facilitators to suit individuals and groups whose members are beginners or who are wishing to prefect their tricks.

“Rosy Skate Park, Rosy Surf School, Urban Vizualz, Urban Vizual Arts (Community Interest Company) and Movin’ Music Academy have combined efforts to offer a unique urban arts and sports experience,” owner Ronan Harkin said.

“Groups and individuals can customise an event or programme to suit their needs, featuring skating, scooters, BMX, surfing, graffiti workshops, street art, DJ and music production workshops.

“We wish to encourage other creative companies and individuals to use the space and become part of the timetable offering a wider range of experiences to users. The new timetable will include a family sessions for children and a guardian. The new party room facility and viewing balcony are ideal for birthday parties, or as spaces for workshops, meetings and events, while the ‘Surf cafe’ is a chilled out space to gather and get ready for a lesson or have a well earned hot cup of tea on return.”

The Rosy Skate Park relaunch Sunday at 2pm is free and includes demonstrations.