Draft letter opposing factory build is circulated

The former Sinclair Factory at Abercorn Road/Wapping Lane. 2001JM64
The former Sinclair Factory at Abercorn Road/Wapping Lane. 2001JM64

The International Fund for Ireland (IFI) funded Peace Walls Project is canvassing residents of the Fountain with a letter objecting to the proposed redevelopment of the former Sinclair Factory at the bottom of Wapping Lane.

Project officers are currently going door to door in the area to see who wants to sign the letter, which is addressed to the Northern Area Planning Office.

The letter, which has been seen by the Sentinel, objects to the proposed redevelopment on a number of planning grounds.

It states: “The proposal amounts to overdevelopment that will have unacceptable adverse impact on residential amenity such as overlooking, loss of privacy, loss of light and a sense of overbearing and dominance.”

It adds: “The proposal relies on a sub-standard access and an inadequate level of parking” and that “the proposal significantly detracts from and unacceptably impacts on the setting of the grade B1 listed factory building, which is a focal point at the entrance to the City and Historic City conservation Area.”

It also states that the proposal fails to provide a mix of house types and sizes to meet community needs and to create a balanced community.

It adds: “The proposal fails to reflect the location of the site that is on an annual parading route for which consultation with the PSNI is essential.”

The letter goes on to outline these objections in much greater detail.