Donemana through the years...

DONEMANA meaning "fort of the monks" is a small market village in County Tyrone, Northern Ireland. It is located 11 kilometres north-east of Strabane, on the banks of the Burn Dennett and at the foothills of the Sperrin Mountains. It has the unusual distinction of having at least four different English spellings of its name - Donemana, Dunamanagh, Donemanagh and Dunnamanagh - leading to some confusion on road signs in the area. It is the largest of the thirteen villages in the Strabane D

The town was established in the early 17th century as part of the Plantation of Ulster, instigated by James I in 1609. Land in the area was granted to John Drummond who established the village, building a bawn (an enclosed, fortified farmyard, designed as a place of refuge for settlers in case of attack), 10 wicker-work houses, a watermill for grinding corn.

Today Donemana is renowned throughout Ireland for its thriving and highly successful cricket team, which was established in 1888.

The village remians a hive of commerce too with its roots in providing a local service for local people.

From conveinience stores like Day Today, to Clippers Barbers, to a new restaurant opening soon-Golden China the variety of well supported and popular businesses are there for all to see and use.

Many hard ware and supply businesses are also in the village like SM Curry’s quarry, Rodgers and Smith Double Glazers, Red Bris Roofing as well as Robert Connors Sand and Gravel suppliers as well as WJ Chambers Sand and Gravel suppliers.