DoJ allows PSNI seize land in preparations for G8 summit in June

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SECRETARY of State Theresa Villiers has authorised the Department of Justice (DoJ) in Northern Ireland to seize land near Enniskillen for the G8 summit.

DoJ has been empowered to take possession of land because the Secretary of State considers it necessary for the preservation of the peace or the maintenance of order.

From now until July 15, DoJ can take possession of land or other property; take steps to place buildings or other structures in a state of defence; detain property or cause it to be destroyed or moved; and carry out works on land.

Police will also be allowed to take any other action which interferes with a public right or with a private right of property.

The move to take possession of the land at Gublusk, Enniskillen, is part of the clampdown underway to facilitate the meeting of the great powers in Fermanagh next month,

DoJ have intimated that the Secretary of State and the Department have entered into agency arrangements under section 28 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998 under which the functions of the Secretary of State under section 29 of the Justice and Security (Northern Ireland) Act 2007 may be exercised by the DoJ provided such exercise does not affect any excepted or reserved matters other than incidentally.

It states: “The DoJ acting under those agency arrangements considers it necessary for the preservation of the peace and the maintenance of order to authorise any Constable or any person authorised to do so by or on behalf of the Department of Justice to take possession of land at Gublusk, Enniskillen and as delineated on the copy Land Registry map.

“DoJ by order authorises any Constable or any other person authorised to do so on its behalf to take possession of the land.”

Justice Minister David Ford has already facilitated special sittings of Magistrates’ Courts during the summit on May 17 and May 18.

Last December East Londonderry MP Gregory Campbell warned of the danger of dissident republicans targeting the summit.

Speaking at Westminster he said that violent republican groups who are opposed to the peace process “will undoubtedly be looking at ways to undermine that significantly beneficial event for Northern Ireland, so we must be aware of their capacity to do so.”