Dodgy £50 notes are circulating in city

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Dodgy £50 notes are doing the rounds in Londonderry, according to the PSNI.

Business owners and employees are being warned to be vigilant following an increase in reports of suspected counterfeit notes.

Sergeant Jack explained: “We are aware of a number of reports of counterfeit notes circulating amongst local businesses, particularly £50 notes. It’s important that your staff have the right tools and knowledge to detect fake notes in order to protect your business.

“‘Know your banknotes’ leaflets can be obtained from branches of all of Northern Ireland’s main banks.”

Some questions to ask when trying to spot dodgy notes include: Does the main printing feel raised? Can you see a bold and clear watermark when the note is held up to the light? Does the note feel crisp and not limp, waxy or shiny? Is the print clear, sharp and well defined? Are the colours clear and distinct? Compare the suspect note against a note which is known to be genuine. Is the security thread continuous when the note is held up to the light?

Businesses should alsohave a policy for staff to follow on discovery of a counterfeit note. This should include the retention of the note and contacting the police, with a description of the person passing the suspect banknote.