Diver: We must act on humanitarian grounds

(AP Photo/Pablo Gorondi)
(AP Photo/Pablo Gorondi)

The SDLP in Londonderry has written to the punctured Northern Ireland Executive calling for action in the face of the biggest movement of people in Europe since the Second World War.

Council leader Gerard Diver said he wrote to the former First Minister Peter Robinson about the gravity of the situation in the Mediterranean prior to the latter’s letting much of the air out of the regional Government on Wednesday, September 9.

He said: “I wrote on behalf of the SDLP Derry City and Strabane Council Group to express our deep concern about the current crisis. The [former] First Minister has indicated that no Executive meetings will take place in the foreseeable future unless there are exceptional circumstances.

“In the face of the biggest movement of people since the Second World War, with new images of desperate people risking their lives to flee persecution emerging every day, surely we are in exceptional circumstances.

“The outpouring of generosity that the people of Derry and Strabane have displayed reflects the strength of public feeling about this refugee crisis. “We are urging the First Minister to recognise this and to call a meeting of the Executive as soon as possible.”