Diver warns over chocolate bars you can’t eat between meals due to recall

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Gerard Diver, MLA for Foyle has issued an appeal to all parents to be aware of a product recall by confectionary maker Mars.

The recall affects all Mars and Snickers products, Milky Way Mini bars and Miniatures sweet range, as well as certain packs of Celebrations with best before dates ranging from June 19, 2016, to January 8, 2017.

The chocolate bar manufacturer has warned that snacks which fall into this category should not be eaten as they may contain pieces of plastic. As a result they could present a choking hazard.

The recall and public safety warning is in place Europe wide.

Mr, Diver MLA said: “These are incredibly popular brands and therefore the cause for worry is extremely high. I would urge all parents to speak to their children about these snacks in case they were offered them in the playground or park etc.

“Safety first, sweets second I suggest,” said the MLA before adding, “It is simply not worth taking the risk and I would urge anyone who has purchased such snacks to be aware of the possible risk of them containing plastic.”

“I would obviously urge caution as it would seem the manufacturer would not issue a recall lightly.”