Diver says burglaries are down in North West

Burglars struck on the evening of Christmas Eve (File picture)
Burglars struck on the evening of Christmas Eve (File picture)

Foyle MLA Gerard Diver says police have advised him burglary rates across Londonderry have fallen from 2014.

Area Commander, Tony Callaghan, confirmed the figures to Mr Diver during a recent meeting.

The Foyle MLA had wanted to discuss burglary and car crime.

Mr Diver said: “It is clear that the public is concerned this is not being tackled as a priority. I welcomed confirmation from PSNI Area Commander Callaghan said PSNI figures actually revealed a ‘significant decrease’ in this type of crime from last year.

“The PSNI confirmed that incident rates of both domestic and commercial burglaries had in fact fallen from 2014 rates,” said Mr Diver.

The MLA also welcomed confirmation that the PSNI are to deploy additional resources to tackle car crime.

Mr Diver said: “What will be of no surprise locally is that the PSNI have recorded a spike in car crime figures. The police assured me that this would be a ‘critical issue’ for them in the coming weeks and resultantly police will deploy extra resources in a high visibility operation in the city in the coming weeks.”