Devenney warns low pressure could lead to scalding

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Londonderry DUP Alderman Maurice Devenney has warned someone could be scalded due to low water pressure in Newbuildings and other areas of the rural North West.

He is calling for Northern Ireland Water to investigate the issue and has also asked anyone experiencing similar issues to report the problem via the authority’s Waterline: 03457440088.

Mr Devenney said: “This is a problem I’ve experienced myself and it’s also been reported to me by a number of people in the general area.

“It’s got to the stage where you can’t use more than one large appliance at the same time.”

He warned that someone could get hurt if the low pressure were to affect the temperature regulation of electrical showers.

“Yes, it’s a health and safety issue, particularly, if you have old people or children using a shower.

“Apart from the inconvenience of not being able to use appliances, someone could actually get hurt here.”

A spokesperson for the public utility said: “NI Water is not aware of customers in the Newbuilding area experiencing difficulties with their water pressure.

“While pressure can vary, there is a minimum standard of water pressure our customers can expect. If any customer is experiencing low water pressure, they can phone our Waterline number on 03457440088 and report the problem so our staff can investigate it.”

The DUP Alderman echoed this and urged anyone with an issue to report it and allow the company an opportunity to review and address any problems that might exist.

NI Water provides real time information on any issues across its network at the website.