‘Derry needs high end proper jobs’

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Dear editor,

Derry badly needs new properly paid jobs.

So only MLA May 16 candidates hurling themselves at the jobs problem should be elected.

Any re-election MLA in Derry must therefore be unhorsed at the ballet box if giving mediocre answers on the door steps - when asked about new jobs for Derry.

Fresh candidates giving mediocre answers concerning new jobs don’t deserve to be elected either - be they of any party or none.

A good candidate test is asking “what inward investment job sectors will you be fighting like mad for?”. And “how will you project your power to help get these new jobs into Derry if elected?”

In particular Derry needs well paid high end new generation industrial jobs.

A good example of these new generation industrial jobs is the Life Science Manufacturing sector.

Everything in Boots is a Life Science Product. Made in a new generation Life Science Products Plant - Lemsip manufacturing, toothpaste manufacturing, or eardrops being just three examples.

Another is the indigestion tablets manufactured in Craigavon by USA multinational Almac generating 200 jobs.

The big Japanese-owned Larne blood transfusion equipment plant employing 800 is another.

As is Radox in Newry - famous for manufacturing Radox Bath and foot salts.

Invest NI are working to increase NIs existing 7000 Life Science jobs.

But Derry, so far, has no new generation Life Science manufacturing jobs.

Good candidates must therefore be total immersion candidates regarding new jobs. Not only in the Life Science sector - but any sector.

Tom Bradley, Derry.