Derry coastal road among 48 epic trips

Sunset at Myroe Picture Rita King
Sunset at Myroe Picture Rita King

The spectacular Derry to Belfast coast road has been named among the best road trips in the world alongside Big Sur, Route 66, the Great Ocean Road and the Ring of Kerry,

Financial comparison firm named the Causeway Coastal route among ‘48 Epic Road Trips For Any Budget’ as the company launched a new interactive tool which, allows consumers to explore and compare fantastic road trips around the world.
“We wanted to find some of the biggest, most unforgettable road trips in the world,” said Matt Oliver, from van insurance.
“Each trip has its own personality - there are trips through snowy mountains, flat deserts, dense forests and across beaches, there really is something for everyone.
“We wanted to provide a tool to make the adventures more accessible, so anyone can tackle them.”
Forty four per cent of the routes featured by are in Europe, including the Derry to Belfast road. The firm estimates the local trip will cost travellers £460.59 in total, take five days, and include four stops along the way. It suggests the total cost of petrol should be around £20.61, with the total hostel cost coming to around £80. It also factors in £166 for a return flight for British tourists, and puts the cost of van hire at £55.28 per day. Tourists can expect to pay £27.74 per day on food, suggests.
If you think that’s expensive reckons the famous Pan-American Highway will cost a whopping £33,148.79. But that would involve travelling the entire length of the Americas over a 281-day period.