Derek Moore says new structures supported

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The North West Cultural Partnership (NWCP) will operate from a new Hawkin Street cultural hub under the Chairmanship of Mr Derek Moore, Co-ordinator of the Londonderry Bands Forum.

It is anticipated that the strategic position of the new partnership close to the Fountain will boost interest, linkage and commitment to the cultural, economic and social development of the neighbourhood and its residents as well as the wider North West.

Speaking at the launch of the ‘Next Steps Together’ report, undertaken by local Company ‘ Hummingbird’ at St Columb’s Park House last week, Mr Moore said: “The formation of the North West Cultural Partnership, its location and the nature of its proposed structure and governance is the next step in progressing the advances that have been made.”

He said he looked forward with renewed hope, which is shared by participating organisations and that whilst he believed there would be challenges ahead, means of addressing these challenges were falling into place.

He said these structures now enjoy the evident support and endorsement of the wider community and there is no reason to doubt that this will not continue.

Mr Moore also explained the background to the development of the Partnership from 2013 onwards and thanked all those involved in funding and assisting in the production of the new research report.