‘Deep clean’ will scrub NW of gum and grime

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The streets of Londonderry and Strabane are to get a decent scrub shortly with built up grime and chewing gum spat from the anti-social mouths of litter louts across the North West the target of a forthcoming ‘deep clean.’

Derry City and Strabane District Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) Alderman, Derek Hussey, has welcomed the impending start of the scheme, which is due to start shortly.

Alderman Hussey said: “I welcome the commencement of our Council Street Deep Cleaning scheme that will cover not only Londonderry and Strabane Town but is to be extended to include areas of Castlederg, Newtownstewart and Sion Mills.

“The cleaning will be carried out through a recently agreed contract to remove built up grime, chewing gum, etc.”

The UUP Alderman said he’s been lobbying for intensive cleaning to be rolled out right across the district and not just in the major urban centres.

“Both during the former Strabane Council and within our new Council I have urged the extension of the deep cleansing of pavements beyond main town areas and am pleased that the contract now being undertaken includes main areas within several our larger outlying towns and villages,” he said.

The Derg Area Ulster Unionist Councillor also said he’s pleased that the War Memorial in Castlederg is set to be attended as part of the forthcoming programme.

He expressed hope that broken paving in and around the Memorial can also be fixed.

The UUP Alderman said: “Additionally, in Castlederg the area of the centre of The Diamond and War Memorial area is to be included and I trust that much needed pavement repairs therein can also be undertaken.”