Dee didn’t let her depression or deafness hold her mission back

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Waterside business woman, neuro-linguistic programmer and fitness trainer, Dee Cahill, says her personal struggles with sudden hearing loss and the depression this wrought have informed a career that’s now all about helping other women overcome some of life’s most difficult challenges.

The proprietor of Million Dollar Fitness on Bond’s Hill, made the comments after hosting a Mindset and Motivation Workshop in the city, which was attended by thirty local women on June 5.

“Inspired by my own personal struggles, I turned my passion for helping people into a career.

“What really fires me up is working with people to change their lives and seeing the results,” she said.

“As a coach I work with many different issues: Binge Eating, Confidence, Phobias, Emotional Eating, Weight Loss, Motivation. I transform people’s lives.

“How do I do that? Hmmmmmmm... intuition and genuinely caring that my clients reach their goals.

“I invest so much into each one of my clients – everything I do comes from the heart.

“By the way, did I mention that I’m deaf?”

Dee explained that in 1999 she first began suffering from hearing difficulties after a holiday in Thailand.

By 2001 she had lost all hearing and had developed Ménière’s Disease, a rare disease of the inner ear, which can cause vertigo, tinnitus, and hearing loss. It’s estimated only 1,000 people in the UK suffer from the condition.

Despite suffering from weight loss and depression in the wake of her diagnosis, Dee is now a Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) practitioner, who now uses these techniques to roll out educational and motivational programmes addressing critical issues including stress management, re-energising the body, understanding priorities and making time to be productive.

She said NLP can be used for personal development and success.

EFT, meanwhile, releases blockages in the energy system using fingertips.

These techniques are rapidly catching public attention and Dee is delighted to be able to bring this expertise to the North West, she said.

She is also a fitness professional and runs the Million Dollar Fitness weight loss facility in the Waterside.

The recent event was attended by 30 women and included fun activities, workbook exercises, slide presentations and energising sessions. A delicious lunch at Brown’s Restaurant added the finishing touch, said Dee.

Dee said the feedback at the end of the day was very positive.

One of the attendees, Audrey, said: “It was an amazing day and definitely gave me loads to take on board.”

Another woman who took part was Shona.

She said: “Mindset and Motivation Workshop, a fabulaous and very, very emotional success.

“Dee McCahill you’re a wonder. Met great people, ate great food.”

“It was an honour to share the day with so many amazing ladies”, Dee said

“It was just awesome. Loved every minute.”