‘Dark spectre of ISIS is closing in from the east and homosexuality is closing in from the west’

The long-time former pastor of Londonderry’s Free Presbyterian Congregation, Rev. Ian Brown, says God is using ISIS and homosexuality to punish Europe for its wickedness.

Rev. Brown, who now pastors at the Martyrs’ Memorial Free Presbyterian Church, in Belfast, made the comments in a sermon in the wake of the Ashers Bakery verdict last week.

Ashers Bakery's refusal to bake a 'gay marriage cake' ended up in a court case

Ashers Bakery's refusal to bake a 'gay marriage cake' ended up in a court case

Meanwhile, Newbuildings Independent Methodist Minister, Rev Jonathan Campbell, says he expects a campaign for same-sex marriage to be launched in Northern Ireland in the wake of last week’s referendum result in the Irish Republic, claiming a “sinister agenda is at work.”

Rev. Brown said God punished Europe with the Nazis for its greed, covetousness and wickedness prior to World War II and that this is happening again, as it has done throughout history.

“That’s why the dark spectre of ISIS is closing in on us today from the east and homosexuality closing in from the west, including ourselves as part of the west.

“God is saying something through this.

“He is shaking the nations. This is his method through history. And he is shaking his Church. He shakes us up to send us back to himself,” he said.

He made the comments in a sermon at the late Ian Paisley’s former Church last Wednesday.

During the sermon, he also said: “In the west, do you know what army is on the march? It’s the sodomites. I’m not saying that they all view themselves as blitzkrieg foot soldiers but I’ll tell you what, the liberal elite are only too happy to use them, fund their causes, push their rights, promote their aims and today in our Western world they are sweeping through the states of America compelling the states to capitulate and legislate in favour of same-sex marriage.

“And one state is falling like the next like a row of dominoes going down and they’re being supported right up to the highest powers by Barack Obama, he’s complicit, like many others are in all of this.”

Meanwhile, Rev. Campbell also lamented the finding last week that the Ashers baking company had discriminated against a gay man by refusing to ice a cake with a slogan supporting gay marriage.

“How under the sun that verdict was given on Tuesday I’ll never know. I mean, how can a judge rule in favour of something that’s illegal? [sic].

“I mean what was on the cake or what they wanted on the cake was illegal [sic]: ‘Support Gay marriage.’ Gay marriage is illegal in this country. I know it’s legal in some other countries, sad to see, but it’s still illegal here.”

He added later: “I suppose you just say that there’s a sinister agenda at work here. There’s something sinister under the surface.”

Rev. Campbell went on to suggest that in the wake of a yes vote in the Irish same-sex marriage referendum there would be a drive to introduce legislation here.

“It’ll be just a case of getting one foot in through the door and rest assured that they’ll go all out to bring it in up here.

“So we need to pray about that because the darkness is down south too.

“And the darkness is everywhere, it just seems that the enemy has come in like a flood as the prophet Isaiah spoke about - ‘the enemy has come in like a flood’ - but thank God the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard against him.”