Cumber Claudy Roll of honour

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As part of the Centenary Celebrations for the Battle of the Somme in 2016 the Kildoag & Bonds Glen Historical Association decided to compile a Roll of Honour for Cumber Claudy and the surrounding Area of the First World War.

“This had never before done before in the space of 100 years, so we were working on a blank sheet. If we have missed someone or if the record is not quite correct, we apologise, but we have endeavoured to be accurate as possible,” a spokesman said.

“One of the first things we did was get to recruit the assistance of local historian Malcolm McSparron who did most the research. He put a lot of hours visiting the local churches, the local graveyards, talking to local people who had relatives killed in the First World War and trawling through newspaper lists and Regimental lists and records.

“Another great help was the assistance of Donald Eakin who collated the records and was instrumental in compiling the book, the Rev Brian Hassen who kindly did the appraisal for us. Malcolm and David visited many cemeteries and graves in France and Belgium taking photographs, notes and records. A big thank you to members of the public who came forward with their information, to Mark Moore for putting the project together and working with the Heritage Lottery Fund to provide the funding which we are truly thankful to make this project happen. Also thanks to The Coleraine Printing Company who printed the book.

“It is hoped that the book will be written record of the fallen from the Claudy and local area for all the posterity and will be used as a teaching in aid for children. The book contains maps, grave references and information on cemeteries and will be a great assistance to anyone visiting the Battlefield sites of the First World War. It took about two years to get where we are today.

“The Book was Launched on Wednesday 8th November 2017 at 8pm in Claudy Orange Hall. The Lord LT Denis Desmonds CBE was our special guest. Also on the night was Gary Middleton MLA, Alderman Hillary McClintock and Alderman Maurice Devenny. The local clergy was also in attendance the Rev David Slater and The Rev Brian Hasson was in attendance.

“Kildoag Pipe Band also provided entertainment on the night. The night ended with a supper provided by the Beaufort Hotel.”