Culmore Point wall repairs to be carried out in 2015/16

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Transport NI says it will repair undermined sections of wall at the often flood-threatened Culmore Point next year if it can secure sufficient funding.

In early 2014 the Sentinel reported how several Culmore Point residents feared confusion over statutory responsibility for flooding and sea defences in the area could swamp them as readily as the tidal surges and rising sea levels that sporadically batter the tiny peninsula.

But Transport NI has confirmed it will take steps in 2015/16 to ameliorate the problem.

In a letter to the Derry City Council Head of Environmental Services Conor Canning, the Transport NI Western Division manager Conor Loughrey explained that a section of wall at the Point actually supports the road and thus Roads Service’s successor agency has responsibility for its maintenance.

He wrote: “Work planned includes repairs to undermined sections of the wall between the junction of Ardan Road and Culmore Fort and will also include the replacement of a steel barrier on the Culmore Point Road with a masonry wall.

“It is hoped to carry out this work in the 2015/16 financial year but this will be subject to availability of funding.

“Regarding an extension of the wall I would confirm that TransportNI does not have any responsibility for coastal or flood defences and that there is no requirement for an extension to the wall for roads purposes.

“While it is accepted that flooding in this area can be linked to occasional high water levels in the Foyle, there is little that can be done from a road engineering perspective to alleviate this particular problem.

“Transport NI will in conjunction with other agencies continue to distribute sandbags to households should a potential or actual flooding event arise.”