Workmen had to restrain man trying to assault his ex-girlfriend

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Housing Executive workmen had to restrain a man who was trying to assault his former girlfriend, Londonderry Magistrates’ Court has been told.

In the dock was Robert James Bovaird (33), of Bond’s Hill, who was charged with the possession of an iron bar and a knife on January 25, as well as a charge of assaulting his former partner and threatening to damage her home on the same date.

Bovaird was further charged with assaulting the workmen, making a threat to kill them, conducting himself in a disorderly fashion and resisting police.

The magistrates’ court heard claims that police received two emergency ‘999’ calls regarding a domestic incident.

One of the telephone calls was from a woman and the other was from the Housing Executive.

The court heard that it was reported to police that Bovaird had a knife and an iron bar in his possession.

When police arrived at the scene, it was alleged the Bovaird was being restrained by four men.

The court heard allegations Bovaird and his former partner had had an argument in the early hours of the morning.

They were also told that Bovaird had allegedly attempted to choke the woman and threatened to damage her property.

Bovaird was taken away from the property by his mother, however, it was alleged that he subsequently returned to the property at around 11am.

The court heard claims there were workmen employed by the Housing Executive in the house at the time and they allegedly stopped Bovaird from gaining entry to the house and that Bovaird produced an iron bar.

Two more workmen arrived and they escorted Bovaird out as he made threats to them.

It was alleged Bovaird then left for a short time, but returned 15 minutes later with a knife.

The court was told the workmen then intervened and restrained him until police arrived.

Police opposed bail for fear of further offences and interference with witnesses.

Solicitor Keith Kyle said there was no domestic history between the couple and the alleged injured party had indicated she did not want to attend court.

He added his client was willing to reside at an address a few miles away from her home.

Bovaird was released on his own bail of £750, with one surety of £500, and ordered to have no contact with the alleged injured parties or witnesses.

Bovaird was also ordered to abide by a curfew and must not enter the Waterside except to attend doctors appointments.

He is scheduled to appear in court again on February 18.