Wheelie serious security concerns for Limavady courthouse

wheelie bin
wheelie bin

Security concerns have been expressed over a £3,800 steel cage to protect a wheelie bin at Limavady courthouse while another bin is ‘unprotected’ by a candidate in the forthcoming Assembly elections.

The TUV’s candidate for East Londonderry, Jordan Armstrong, said that the wheelie-bins raise “serious questions” about security.

He said: “I am concerned by reports that the Department of Justice recently spent £3,800 on a steel cage to protect a wheelie bin at Limavady Courthouse while another bin remains unprotected.

“If these reports are accurate it raises two serious questions for the Department of Justice.

“Firstly, if this security is necessary why has the other wheelie bin, which is also inside the security perimeter, been protected in a similar way? Surely this represents a security concern.

“Secondly, if it is not necessary – a question which arises when only one of the bins has been protected – how does DOJ justify such expense when the courthouse will close in a number of weeks?

“DOJ need to provide answers to these serious questions.”