Vicious pitbull mauls cat and attacks locals

PSNI crest
PSNI crest

THE PSNI in Londonderry are appealing for information following a vicious attack by a dog which resulted in the death of a cat and saw the out of control canine then turn on local residents.

The shocking incident took place in the very early hours of Thursday, December 3, in the Shepherds Glen estate began just after midnight when what has been described as a ‘small pit bull type cross breed’ attacked a cat, believed to have been a pet belonging to a local family.

One woman resident in the area, who witnessed the attack and did not wish to be identified, told the Sentinel that she had “never seen anything so horrific.”

The witness also said that the fatally wounded animal was “tossed about” by the dog and despite the intervention of neighbours it was totally undeterred from continuing its attack. The woman described how residents attempted to take the dog on, one using a brush and the other actually power hosing the dog-the only result being that the dog halted briefly to turn its aggression towards them. It appears that the dog was so determined to keep going that even when one neighbour attempted to shield the cat from further distress by parking their vehicle over it for protection it still attempted to get at its ‘target’.

In the end the woman who spoke to the Sentinel said that the cat had been “torn apart” and that the remains had to be “shovelled off the pavement.”

In a statement police in the city said there “were called to reports of a cat attacking a dog in the Shepherds Glen area at around 12.10am on Thursday. December 3.

“The cat died in the incident. The dog is believed to be a white coloured small pit bull type cross breed.

“It is believed a man was seen in the area walking to dog prior to the incident. He is described as 40 years of age, around 5ft 10” tall, with a thin build and a shaved/bald head and he was wearing jeans.

“Anyone with information is asked to call police on 08456008000.”